Typical Danish

Typical Danish

We’ve listed some typical things about the Danes, so you can be prepared!

The Danish humor is very special and can be offensive if you don’t understand it. We use irony all the time, and for foreigners it’s not always easy to get the point.

Denmark is among one of the few countries in the world that consumes most meat, which is over 100kg per person per year.

If you see people running everywhere, it’s because the Danes do that a lot! It has become a very popular sport and is now a part of the city scape.

A couple of Danish food specialties are: “Rugbrød” is a type of wholemeal bread, but it’s very dark and is often a thing foreigners don’t fancy. Danish people eat it with sliced meat or cheese every day for lunch. Another (better!) Danish specialty is the “flødebolle”. Directly translated it’s a “cream bun” but it has nothing to do with that. It’s vanilla cream/foam with chocolate around it and the bottom depends on where you buy it. We recommend you to try it from Summerbird Chocolaterie (A Danish Chocolate company).

Some other weird food specialties that we enjoy often, are ‘remoulade’ – a Danish variant of the French original recipe, where we added cucumber, cabbage, and even sometimes carrots, to give it all a more mild, sweet-sour taste. Remoulade are known to be used on some weird occasions. Both sliced sausage, and fish fillet on rugbrød are among the many pieces of food that some Danes use remoulade on.

We Danes love our sausages, and you can find a series of pølsevogne (hot dog stands/sausage wagons). Try a ‘ristet med det hele‘ – which translates into a ‘roasted with everything’. That’s one of our favorites!

The Royal Family in Denmark are always in the media, and with good reason. People love to hear and read about their life, so be careful if you speak badly about them (especially in front of old ladies). Though, it is not punishable by prison or anything extreme, like in Thailand.

We drink lots of beer! You probably know the big brands like Carlsberg and Tuborg, but we recommend you to try one of the smaller ones. If you are on a café and they offer Nørrebro Bryghus or Ørbæk, go for it!

Copenhagen is famous for all the bicycles. Visit us and take a look for yourself! The bike is the easiest (and almost always the fastest) way to get around in the city. We definitely recommend you to rent one for yourself one or two days and do the sightseeing from bike-perspective. Watch out for the other bicycles; they sometimes make their own rules!