Torvehallerne (Market Halls)


Torvehallerne (The Market Halls)

– is Copenhagen’s long-awaited new culinary hotspot! These market halls was established in 2011 and has all sorts of shops within – not to mention the smaller stalls that during spring and summer pop up outside. Originally it was an outdoor green market in the middle of Copenhagen with lots of fruit and vegetables, but after a major renovation and make-over it has become a fun place to visit, just to watch on the goods the merchants have for sale, but also to make a good deal on quality items. Today you can buy much more than that; chocolate, fish, cheese, bakery, tea, spices and so on. There are 60 different shops and more than 60.000 visitors every week.



Getting there:

Located just beside Nørreport Station in Inner City Copenhagen, we recommend walking from Nørreport. From there it’s only a few minutes walk towards the lakes on Frederiksborggade – away from Rundetårn. You can’t miss it. 

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A good alternative to supermarkets

You don’t have to go to the major supermarkets to get groceries and other items for dinner, if you plan to make it yourself – you can just as easily get a good deal here at these shops.
If you have an hour to spare, be sure to check out Torvehallerne (Market Halls), and grab a cup of coffee, while relaxing on the benches outdoor. Nearby there are basketball hoops, and soccer goals on pavement, so if you bring a ball – and your kids are open to suggestions, they can join in on the fun just across the street.
These open-market spaces, consisting of two separate halls and the courtyard in between contains everything from small shops with a real market atmosphere in the center of Copenhagen! Try some of the Danish specialties listed below, and treat yourself with a hot-dog which we Danes are famous for.



The quality

of the food and items is of high standard, and there are many Danish-brand shops in Torvehallerne (Market Halls), so it’s an excellent chance to buy some great souvenirs (for example chocolate or tee)! If you are lucky, you might get some tastings and the shop assistants are skilled to inform you about their products. Try a cupcake from Agnes Cupcakes, try the “Cool Mint” from Tante T (means Auntie Tea) or the delicious coffee from The Coffee Collective.




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