This attraction is one of the best Copenhagen has to offer. One giant amusement park just next to Copenhagen Central Station! 82,717 square meters (890,358 square feet) in the heart of the city, consisting of a total of 28+ attractions and rides, with four of them being roller coasters, and plenty of restaurants.

You pay the entry of DKK 95 for adults (free for children under 8), and then if you want to experience all the attractions, you can purchase a ‘turpas’ (free ride pass) for DKK 199. With that you can try all the rides as many times as you like. The Tivoli Gardens are now open for you to visit and experience.
If you just want to try a few rides, look into buying normal single-use-tickets, where the rides cost from anywhere between 1-3 tickets per ride, with one ticket at DKK 25. Check out their website for more price information.

Opening hours are

Summer season is from April 12th to September 23rd. You can also experience Halloween from October 12th to the 28th. Christmas season is from November 16th to December 30th.
Sunday – Thursday: 11:00 – 22:00
Friday: 11:00 – 00:30
Saturday: 11:00 – 24:00

Attractions in Tivoli

In Tivoli you can easily spend a whole day and get caught in all the fun things to do. This is the place tourists love to visit when they are in Copenhagen. Both as a romantic getaway and a family resort, Tivoli is perfect for any occasion.

With the more than 28 different rides the park has to offer, we will recommend a few:
The obvious candidates for the smaller children are either the merry-go-round or the Ferris wheel which both need no further introduction.
If you are a true blood dare devil and fan of Satan himself we can recommend the newly built Vertigo. This ride guarantees both speed, excitement, and maybe even a little vomit on the way down.
If you are interested in history we recommend you to experience the Valhallaborgen (Valhalla Castle). Here you can learn a little about Odin, Thor and Asgard.
Last, but not least you should try the first roller coaster that was built in Tivoli – the Mountain Roller Coaster. It was constructed nearly 100 years ago and today it is just as popular as it has ever been.

Tivoli used to have a massive firework display every Saturday night at 23:45, but now it’s become more irregular and Tivoli doesn’t really give out any information on the specific days.
This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit Tivoli in evening time, because the beautiful outdoor decorations you see at day time illuminate the park at night.
If you are visiting Copenhagen at Christmas time, don’t hesitate to see the amusement park possibly with snow covering it. Especially at Christmas the decorations are extraordinary and very romantic (go and see the Tree of illuminated hearts).

Mountain Roller Coaster
Mountain Roller Coaster

Getting there:

We recommend walking from Copenhagen Central Station. Tivoli is literally placed right next to the station, and there is an entrance just when you exit the main entrance of Copenhagen Central. You can also go around the corner at Copenhagen Hard Rock Cafe, and you will find the main entrance which is much nicely decorated and very cozy! If you aren’t close, take one of the A-busses or the S-train to Copenhagen Central Station – almost everything go there, except the Metro for another few years.

Tivoli History

Tivoli is the second oldest amusement park in the world – only surpassed by Dyrehavsbakken just north of Copenhagen. Tivoli was established in 1843, around the Tivoli Lake that was once part of the fortification of Copenhagen, and was successful from the start. The year after the opening 372,000 people came to visit and compared to the only 125,000 inhabitants of Copenhagen, that was quite an achievement. The first roller coaster was constructed in 1914 and is still standing on its wooden skeleton from that time.

During the Second World War a lot of the buildings in the Tivoli Garden were burned and destroyed. However, after a rebuilding of the park and when the war was again at distance a new and exciting era begun, with over 5 million visitors in the beginning of 1970’s.

After several years on the throne as the most visited attraction, Tivoli has received fierce competition from other up-and-coming tourist magnets such as Nyhavn. To maintain their audiences interest Tivoli had to start thinking new and innovative. The opening hours were prolonged and today not only an amusement park, but also a concert venue. Every Friday, Tivoli is hosting Friday Rock, where from April – September this year a live music act from Denmark or Scandinavia are performing every Friday of the month.

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