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Recommended Cafés in Copenhagen

You find cafés everywhere in Copenhagen, it’s not easy to choose, not even for us natives. In general it’s expensive dining out; although you should remember that the tipping is included in the bill. We have collected some places that we believe are worth visiting when you are in Denmark.
The first place we would like to recommend you to visit is Strædet. It is a not the name of a café, but a central street in Copenhagen packed with many cafés, bars, eateries and other shops! It’s the street running parallel to Strøget.
They are all quite expensive (but they are in the very center – prices drop the further out you come), but they have a nice atmosphere and friendly waiters. If you are looking for at trendy and nice café, go to this street. They all offer coffee, beer, sandwiches, salads, and so on. You can e.g. try ‘Kreutzberg’ (the photo below) or ‘Café Kys’.

Cafe Kreutzberg

Kreutzberg serves, among others, beers from ‘Nørrebro Bryghus’ (local brewery on Nørrebro) and we recommend you to try one of these beers. Go for the Bombay Pale Ale or the New York Lager, place yourself on one of the sidewalk tables in the sun and enjoy the city and each other.

Locals from Copenhagen love to visit cafés!

If you fancy good tea and amazing cakes go to the conditori ‘La Glace’. It was founded in 1870 and is the oldest confectionery in town, and is still placed on the same street branching out from Strøget. It is the fifth generation who runs the conditori today, and when you sit in the beautiful old rooms you can feel the historic atmosphere. Try a nice cup of tea and a piece of their layer cakes. Go for their speciality – the Sports Cake that was introduced for the theater play “Sports Man” in 1891. Price per piece: DKK 52.

La Glace

The last café in the inner city area we would like to recommend is ‘The Living Room’ placed on Studiestræde. Here, because of all the nearby university facilities, the street is often full of young people enjoying a beer or two after their studies are done for the day. ‘The Living Room’ is one of many cafés in this area, and if the weather is good, you can sit outside in the sun and enjoy their freshly squeezed juice! At night you can try their cocktails (and if you fancy going out in the evening, there’s a large bar/disco just across the street with cheap prices (age 20+)).

The Living Room Cafe

If you are going to see the lakes in the center of Copenhagen you can get a nice view from ‘Café 22’. At daytime they have brunch, lunch and dinner and at night you can get cocktails when the place has turned into a bar. If you would like to sit outside, there are also tables just across the road you can sit at, to enjoy the lakes and experience the active people of Copenhagen who run around the lakes.

Cafe 22

Nørrebro is an exciting part of the city and have lots of cafés too. Situated on Nørrebrogade you can find a square called ‘Superkilen’ (or the Red Square) built by the famous Danish architect Bjarke Ingels. Here in this whole new urban area, that encourages people to be more active in the daily life – with all the swings, outdoor fitness machines and slides, café ‘Le Rouge’ is located. They have the best Iced Coffee we have tried so far in Copenhagen. Every Friday in the summertime with a blue sky there is a DJ from 3 pm to 9 pm, and on top of that they have a special offer on draft beers. Grab a pillow and enjoy the sight of the square where the locals bike, skate and just hang out.

Cafe Le Rogue

More to come when we have tried a few more cafés we have an eye out for 😉




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