Langebro and the Harbor Pools


Langebro (The Long Bridge)

is one of the main thoroughfares from Copenhagen and to the island of Amager, which are also part of the city and Greater Copenhagen. The bascule bridge from 1954, that every now and then opens up and makes room for ships, services thousands and thousands of cars and bicycles every day – so when it does open up, Langebro (Long Bridge) goes from being a loved route of transportation, to a hated one because of the delays it is providing. Be sure not to be driving over this bridge in the rush hour, before 8:00 and after 16:00, because then you will likely run into a traffic jam.



Popular party and event site

Langebro (Long Bridge) is popularly used as a concert spot, during some of the many events and festivals in Copenhagen. During Distortion 2011, as you can see on the picture below, the bridge hosted concerts of both dubstep, bass, and hiphop – and the location is very good for that. The bridge is located central in the city, with the Central Station just a few minutes walking away, it makes the perfect place for both concerts and other events.
In the distance you can spot the SAS Hotel, which houses the Copenhagen Casino at it’s feet.

Langebro Distortion 2011


Getting there:

We recommend walking from Copenhagen Central Station. From there it’s only a 5 minute walk around Tivoli, and another 5 minutes down H.C. Andersens Boulevard – and you can even spot Langebro in the distance already. You can’t miss it. 
Another alternative is the A-bus 5A towards Sundbyvester/Lufthavnen, that will take you to a nearby station.

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The Harbor Pools

are located just on the other side of the water to where Langebro (Long Bridge) connects from Inner City called ‘Islands Brygge Harbor Pool’ – and in the distance towards south you can spot a small, white pedestrian and bicycle bridge. Here is the other Harbor Pool located. Both of the pools have 0.5 meter deep, child-friendly areas, but remember always to keep an eye on your children or youngsters you are accompanying.
And no, we are not kidding! The water in the Copenhagen Harbor is clean enough to swim, dive and have fun in – just do it within the designated areas, the pools, so you are sure to avoid the ships passing by. The pools opened back in 2002, and the biggest at Islands Brygge now has a capacity to service 600 people at a time. So whether you are in for jumping off a diving tower, or just swim back and forth for exercise – this is the place to visit during the hotter summer months. When leaving, you can take advantage of the fresh-water showers to wash the salt off your body.

Langebro Distortion 2011

Langebro (Long Bridge) has also been sung about – originally by one of Denmark’s most loved bands through the times, Gasolin, and here adapted by a recent theater-concert a few years ago in Copenhagen:





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