Insider Tips

Going To Copenhagen

Whenever you are traveling, there are some nice things to know before you go, or when you are there. Here we’ll provide all sorts of different information that we know we’d like to know before we visit another country.

First of all, most Danes are not afraid of speaking English, so don’t hesitate to approach. We learn it from pre-school and can in addition choose between German, French and other languages too. But don’t count on us being too fluent, so it’s better to just stay with English.
If you are traveling alone to Copenhagen, you shouldn’t be afraid of talking to us Danes. A good a friendly place could well be the Moose in the Inner City. Here people are welcoming and always up for a chat!

Mailboxes are red. There are no special sections for domestic or international – just put it in the big red box with a golden horn printed on it.
So sorry, but you can’t run from sending postcards to your loved ones back home!

Tipping on restaurants aren’t needed – the tips are already added to the final bill through the prices on the menus. However, if you felt you’ve enjoyed a real nice time and the services been good, the waiters or bartenders won’t say no.

Bicyclists sometimes drive fast and reckless – so keep an eye out if you are crossing or sharing route when walking at work sites. If you are riding a bike yourself, remember to signal and keep an eye on the traffic.

Smoking is not allowed in-door, and at most S-train stations. Only a few bars have license to smoke inside, and don’t throw your cigarette butt on the street, so dispose of it else way.

Danish vacations are during week 7, usually from the 15th of February – Easter and Pentecost, summer prime is week 28, usually first weeks of July – fall at week 42 – and Christmas vacation around the 20th of December. So generally these days are when there are more parties going on for the locals.

Opening hours on the shops in Copenhagen are:


  • Monday – thursday from 10:00 – 18:00
  • Friday from 10:00 – 19:00
  • Saturday from 10:00 – 16:00
  • And lastly first and last Sunday from 12:00-16:00


– Some few shops might have different opening hours, but check on the door if there is closed.
Starting from October 2012 the shops can decide by themselves if they want to be open every Sunday.

Remember to check our Shopping Section for more information about shops and sights.

Opening hours on most bars and pubs in Copenhagen are:


  • Most places are open until early in the morning on weekends (4-6AM), but some are also open until 3 in weekdays. But it differs too much from place to place to describe here, so take a look in our Nightlife section.


You can find WiFi a lot of places in Central Copenhagen. Some bars and cafes offers access to WiFi as well, just ask the employees.
The current (April 15th 2012) currency rates for Dollars, Euros, Sterling are:

10.00 USD = 56.8775 DKK
10.00 EUR = 74.3816 DKK
10.00 GBP = 90.1395 DKK

The weather is generally good from April – September, where October until March can be rather cold and windy. In the spring and summer it can get quite warm (25 degree Celsius and up) and a nice trip to Amager Strandpark (Beach Park) or the Harbor Pools is not a bad idea! We’re not saying it doesn’t rain, because from time to time you do get some water – Denmark’s weather can sometimes be unpredictable.