Healthy in Copenhagen

Healthy in Copenhagen

Holiday is often associated with self-indulgence. We love to spoil ourselves and our families when we are away from home. It is ok to go out for a three meal dinner, drink alcohol, and other things that may contribute to an unhealthier living than when we are at home. I will make some suggestions for the more healthy part of your stay, so you also have the opportunity to make the healthy choices.

First of all, as mentioned earlier, experience the city from a bike. There are many options for transportation for sightseeing which includes the “hop on – hop of” bus, the canal cruise or taking the bus and metro. All implying you to sit down and not being active. With the bike you can see the city while being active and you have the freedom to go where you like at any time. And on top of that, you experience the city as a local, because cycling is the transportation most people from Copenhagen prefer. As an alternative, you can also choose to do your sightseeing from the guided Running Tours, which Rrunning Copenhagen offers. They have a varied portfolio of tours with the main sights but they also lead you past the less visible attractions.

After cycling around you might want to give yourself a little treat. Many temptations meet you in a city and especially ice cream is to find on every corner. But Copenhagen has warmly welcomed the concept of frozen yoghurt, which gives you the opportunity to make the healthy choice for your treat. There are no doubts that frozen yoghurt still is unhealthy especially if you go crazy with all the delicious toppings, but at least it’s lower on calories than a normal ice cream. Try out “My Fro’Yo Cup” on Fiolstræde or “Chuck and Cherry” on Vesterbrogade.

Another health trap in a city is all the offers of fast food. In Denmark we love sausages and as you might have read, they are being sold as fast food in little hot dog stands on the streets. Hotdogs in general are known for being unhealthy as white bread is one of the main ingredients. A newthinking company recently broke through with a concept of healthy fast food calling themselves “The organic sausage man” or “DØP”. They are now selling healthy organic hotdogs consisting of organic sausages and sourdough bread made with whole wheat flour, rye flour and linseed. You can find DØP as a hot dog stand right next to the Round Tower in the city center.

During summer many creative people arrange activities and festivals with a focus on healthy lifestyle. “Move Copenhagen” is a festival celebrating the diversity of movement. If you want an active aspect of your stay in Copenhagen then I would recommend joining these days of free movement. You will experience new ways of moving your body in different and unique locations. As an example, this year there was a yoga class on a rooftop while the sun was rising – amazing experience!  Another way of being active in the city is to take a swim in the harbour! The water in the harbour is clean enough to bath in, which many enjoy during summer. A good place to spend at the harbour is at Islands Brygge.

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