Christiania, Copenhagen

Christiania, Copenhagen

The almost sanctuary like, urban space, that today forms Christiania, is the third most visited tourist attraction in Copenhagen. It is not only one of the most discussed locations and topics over the last few decades. The more than 150 buildings are of course a lucrative deal for the government to own, which is why there’s been so much fighting about the district over these past years.
Here you can find everything from theatres and smaller music venues, to cafes and restaurants, and grassy areas to sit, lie and relax at. You can also jog around the big lake that is part of Christiania, and experience some of the beautiful nature within Copenhagen.

The main entrance is located on Prinsessegade, from where you can get to within 5 minutes of walking from Christianshavn Station. The piece of Danish history that is Christiania consists of a total of 32 hectares (79 acres) and its more recent and turbulent history can be traced back to the 1970’s.
Note the home made sign that welcomes you to Christiania, and when you leave it states that you are ‘now entering the EU‘.

Christiania, Copenhagen’s sanctuary

As we know and see it today was founded in 1971, where residents to the nearby rental apartments stormed the fences and barriers into the old, abandoned military areas. Their main driving forces were to get light, air and a playground for their children in the middle of the densely populated district of Christianshavn.

This was an alternative society based on resident democracy, freedom, ecology and love – so all in all, they had their hopes and ambitions up for their new district, Christiania. Today, more than 40 years later, they have persisted and held their ground – kept their homes. Through harsh times, bright times, and status as a social experiment have all led to the excitement that surrounds Christiania today, which is also what the residents here does not want to give up on!

Because despite its way of free thinking, and root to the flower child’s of the 1960’s and 1970’s, we can’t ignore the fact of all the illegal hashish and marijuana trading that is going on the appropriately named Pusher Street, located in the middle of Christiania.
From here, some of the city’s thugs and kingpins are shoveling money into their own pockets with the obvious, public sales of light drugs. Even if the police close the shops, the people just stand around waiting for them to leave again.

Do not take pictures at Pusher Street – the kingpin’s does not want their faces publicly displayed, so if you don’t want to get in trouble, just keep your camera off and do not try to sneak into taking a picture anyway, they are not to be trifled with!

Christiania, Copenhagen’s sanctuary
Christiania, Copenhagen’s sanctuary

Getting there:

We recommend walking from Christianshavn Station. Get to the station by either taking the Metro towards the Airport/Vestamager, or taking either bus 350S from Nørreport Station or bus 2A from Copenhagen Central Station. Walk north from here through Prinsessegade. You can’t miss it!

Concerts at Christiania

Christiania is a beloved place among the music interested masses. With more than 5 different music venues of various sizes – the largest, indoor ‘Grey Hall’ has hosted names like Bob Dylan and Red Hot Chili Peppers, with small intimate concerts with only around 900 attendees.

The music venue (and restaurant for that matter) Loppen is among the oldest and most legendary music venues in Copenhagen as well! Here, a great number of concerts are held every week, with many people showing up to see what’s going on.

Throughout the high season – from April/May to September/October Nemoland Café are hosting free outdoor concerts, where over the years many famous Danish (and Scandinavian) bands have visited the stages and had a great time!
Christiania is very rich on music and culture, and we can recommend a visit here! Yes, people might be smoke a joint or two, but they are minding their own business, and are from all places in the society – both bricklayers, carpenters, businessmen and women, politicians, the military and everyone visits this haven.

Concerts at Christiania
Concerts at Christiania


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