Cheap hotels/hostels in Copenhagen

Cheap hotels and hostels in Copenhagen

It can sometimes be a big, impenetrable forest to find a good, cheap hotel or hostel, but here we have found a few alternatives for you to choose between, if you are planning a holiday in Copenhagen. So if you favor luxury and quality over prices and want state-of-the-art hotels, and just want the best of the best, our city can provide that as well. There are also choices for backpackers with some nice hostels around the Inner City, or you can go ahead and take the cheapest alternative: the choice of couch surfing – camping in tents are also a valid choice, though you will have to do that at designated spots, and can’t just do it in a random park!


There are a lot of both good hotels in the inner city, and most of them are both cheap and good for the prices too! Depending on the season, low or high, you can get double rooms in a hotel, ranging from the cheapest at around DKK 500 if you aren’t that into the location being prime, and don’t mind either walking a bit or taking public transportation – and to the more expensive rooms at Nimb Hotel in Tivoli, which costs close to DKK 4000 per night. You can find a great number of good deals around the city, and you are very unlucky to run into bad-quality hotels. Search the website to find a variety of local hotels.   A few we can recommend are the newly constructed Tivoli Hotel, with artistic rooms, facades and interior decorations – it is truly a visit into a fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen, and a colorful experience to sleep and stay in one of these rooms! It is also located only 5-10 minutes walk from Copenhagen Central Station, and just next to the architectural gem of SEB Bank and the gardens. Cheap rooms range from DKK 895 for a basic room, to DKK 3695 for a suite. This hotel is a must see!  


If you want to meet other backpackers, or people traveling on budget, you can be sure to find a great deal at one of Copenhagen’s many hostels. Danhostel Copenhagen Downtown, Danhostel Copenhagen City and City Public Hostel are all very good places to stay, and you can either have private rooms with shared bathrooms, or choose the cheap alternative and sleep in dorm rooms, either mixed or male/female only. These hostels have it all, just like any other hostel around the world. Prices here are very good, and the locations are superb! You can get rooms from as low as DKK 405 for a twin-bed room in Downtown, and DKK 145 for dorm rooms. City Public only have dorms, but are a little cheaper than their competitors.

When traveling, we’ve always preferred hostels over hotels, because of the social factor it can provide to sleep in a dorm room, and meet new people to either travel with or party with. Plus it’s more cheap, and you can spend your money on activities and such, in stead of a hotel!

Camping & couch surfing

Maybe the cheapest alternative of all, it doesn’t beat hostels in social factor though, is bringing your tent when traveling to Copenhagen – is camping at one of the two more central spots, which the city have to offer (there are a lot of camping spots in Greater Copenhagen, but to save transportation time, we recommend one of the following).
The first choice is Copenhagen Camping, located about 40-45 minutes with public transportation from Copenhagen Central Station. Prices are DKK 80 for adults, DKK 50 for children, DKK 35 per tent, together with a few other additional costs. See the site for more information. Good thing about this spot, is that is has cottages, and are open all year around!
The other camping spot, located a little more central and closer to the inner city, is Copenhagen City Camp, which is cheaper than the first one, but only open from May – September.

Lastly, check out Couch Surfing, which by far is the most social way of accomodating yourself, and the cheapest! Here, people from the city is lending out their couch to fellow travelers! This is a great alternative, if you want to experience something both trans boundary and extraordinary!

We hope that you will enjoy you’re stay in Copenhagen, whether you choose a hotel, a hostel or one of the other alternatives we’ve provided – the main thing is the sights, attractions and events. Hostels and hotels in Copenhagen can be booked from the side-widgets.

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