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About us

When we created this site in march 2012, the main idea was to give our take on what to see when you are in Copenhagen – everyone’s different, so we hope you’ll enjoy our descriptions, photos, tips, and guides on what we’d recommend to fellow travelers

We have no specific focus, we are just two people who have been living in Copenhagen for a few years. Over the time we’ve had quite a few over broad friends visiting us, and we’ve been walking, cycling and taking public transportation all around the city to show our friends the sights, and make sure they had a good time (that is, when we weren’t drinking or hung over).
We do however recommend to check out our ‘Meet the locals‘-category, with some alternative stuff to do when you are in Copenhagen.

This site will contain both cultural, architectural and other sights, but we will also post our take on where to party, what festivals to visit, and much, much more. So stay tuned, we’ll be updating this site heavily over the next few months.


If you have any ideas, criticism or just something you want to say – give us a comment on the appropriate post.