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It might be quite obvious, seeing as we live her, but we can surely recommend you to come visit the wonderful city in the north. So if you are just thinking about going Copenhagen, have already planned your next vacation, or scouting around for your next holiday location, we’d like to welcome you all to our website with insider travel guides and tips to Denmark’s beautiful capital.
Please, feel free to comment our posts with whatever comes to mind regarding the city, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! The photos, tips, and guides on this site are all taken and written by ourselves, and our main focus is what we would recommend to our fellow traveler. We hope you will enjoy our website, and that you will take good use of our free home-made guides, and insider tips and tricks.
We recommend you to visit our guide to cheap hotels and hostels in Copenhagen, where we give our two cents and tips on where to stay, and what we can recommend. But take a look on the different reviews the hotels and hostels have received on the various sites – we usually just sleep in our apartment, and haven’t tried that many hotels Everyone is of course interested in cheap flights to Copenhagen, so be sure to check out that site, where one of our affiliates have price guarantee (find the same ticket, cheaper and they will pay the amount in difference + give you a voucher for your next travel!).
Navigate through the webpage by either using the Search function in the sidebar to the left, or take a look in the various Categories also to the left. So whether you are looking for cafes, bars or nightlife in Copenhagen, want to read everything about the Royal Guard that looks after the Queen Regent; you can find it in the menu.  

Scrapyard/recycling lot at Christiania – the ‘freetown’ in the middle of the city.


Activities, festivals, parties and events

- in the top of the webpage we’ve collected and created a list of events and festivals that we want to recommend you all. All the activities and events that’s going on in and around Copenhagen – can all be found in our Calendar. If you are looking for something in specific, like Distortion or Roskilde Festival, use the search function or the aforementioned top menu. Be sure to check out our Meet the locals category, where we’ve collected what us Danes usually make time pass with – and what we do with our spare time!
We generally like to hang out with our friends, go to concerts, relax at the parks or public places, and take advantage of the sun when it comes out – basically what every other human being enjoys doing. Concerts and festivals are also a great way for a Dane to spend the day or evening after a long day at the Harbor Pools! Other notable items is our Insider Tips-section, which holds everything from Smoking Policies, general information and other useful information that you might need while in Copenhagen.

Free insider travel tips and tourist guides for everyone

So if you want to read a little up before going to Copenhagen, you’re at the right place. Sometimes when you visit a new city it can be hard to figure out exactly what to visit, where to go next or find exactly what you are looking for. Personally I like to read up on the traveling destination before I go there, so I know what to expect and look for.
Here we provide tips and guides on many of the attractions, sights and activities you can do on your trip to Denmark. We only focus on the capital and the closest, biggest attractions.
We have no plans to publish our guides, so instead we advice you to purchase the Lonely Planet-guides to Denmark on Amazon, where you can find it at a good price. See the link to the right.

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